October Update

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  No, we’re not closing up shop.  Just running into the same thing we run into every September/October.  This is our BUSY season.  This time of year we’re busy closing up the garden, hunting, finishing up year-end lawn work, etc.  And this year has been even more hectic than most due to the Mother Earth News Fair, some issues we had with some trees (more on that later), and the fact that we’re still trying to get our home ready for sale.

Anyway, we do have some videos almost ready to post; our first experiment in making mead, one on the “tree challenge” I mentioned earlier, and a few others we have up our sleeves.  But to hold you over, here’s a picture from the first day of 2015 Pennsylvania Archery season.  She was small enough that I probably would have let her pass most of the time.  But I got skunked last year, and I had been sitting in a steady rain on an unusually cold day.  When she came in at 15 yards and presented a broadside shot . . .  Well, it was her day.  We’ll have a video coming out on the hunt as soon as I have an opportunity to edit it.