Chicken Processing Workshop with Patricia Foreman

In September we had an opportunity to attend a hands-on chicken processing workshop at the Mother Earth News Fair at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.  The workshop was presented by Patricia (Patty) Foreman, Michael Badger, and Matt Wilkinson.  If you know anything about poultry, you’ll know that these folks are kind of the celebrities of the chicken world.  And they did a fantastic job of leading our group from a live, clucking, flapping chickens to a ready-to-package set of chicken cuts. I’ve butchered plenty of deer, squirrels, and rabbits before.  But I’ve never slaughtered and processed a chicken.  It’s really a very different process.  But it’s really pretty simple when you have experienced people showing you how, and giving you feedback in

And so it Begins

And so it begins! My lovely wife, Mrs. SSP, started the canning season tonight with green beans. Way to go babe! Lots of shows coming up: EDC update Putting the greenhouse together Refurbing a 1970 USMC jerry can Garden updates and much, much more I have about a dozen videos in my head, and in various levels of completion. Stay tuned!