Making a Mountain Man Possibles Bag – Part 1

I recently picked up a muzzle loader to extend the deer season.  I originally thought it would be a purely practical purchase, but soon found myself getting into the whole mountain man thing.  Being a leather worker, I though what better way to get into the whole process than to make my own possibles bag. While looking for design inspiration, I stumbled across the fact that you can buy tanned, salvaged coyote faces on e-Bay!  Really???  Well despite the oddness of that statement, it gave me an opportunity to include a a coyote face in my design without taking the time/effort to harvest, skin, and tan a coyote pelt. Part one takes us through some initial design, cutting out the body of

New BK-9 Upgrades

I bought a Kay-Bar Becker BK-9 last year mostly for prep work for deer season, but also as a big-duty camp knife. I love the functionality of the knife itself, but the sheath was pretty much a joke. It’s made of nylon webbing and, while it has some okay features (a pocket for sharpener, molle attachments, etc.), it really isn’t ideal. Also, the blade coating makes striking a ferrocerium rod unworkable. So, I decided to make some changes. I first ground off the blade coating, then, then fashioned new handle scales out of Cocobolo, an oily, water-resistant exotic hardwood. Then it was time to address the sheath. There are after-market sheaths for the BK-9, but they’re either made of kydex,