We’re Back!!!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately. “Are you quitting Self Sufficient Path?” “Is your channel closing?” “Why have you stopped posting?” Fact is, we haven’t stopped. In fact, we’re doubling down. We’ve spent the last four months moving from our suburban home of twenty years in the western suburbs of Pittsburgh, to a 22 acre farmstead in the far southwest corner of Pennsylvania. It’s only about sixty miles as the crow flies. But it may as well be on the other side of the world. What this means for the channel is that you’ll be getting more content more often. We’ve only been here for about four months, and we’re already into wiring our shop, taking care of

(Almost) Ready to Roll!

We began the process of obtaining our property and the home building process in March.  Our expectation was that we would be moved into our new homestead by August, September, maybe October at the latest.  It’s now January, and we haven’t yet broken ground.  What caused the delays?  Was it financing?  No, we had that in hand.  Delays with the builder?  Nope, they were pretty much good to go from day one.  No, the issue was the huge number of hoops we had to jump through.  We split a piece of existing, undeveloped property.  This, for some inexplicable reason requires the approval of multiple government agencies.  One of these, which shall remain nameless (let’s just call them the Department of