Cider from Store-Bought Juice

I’ve done some things on this channel about wine-making.  But what I’m really most interested in are meads and ciders.  My first attempt at mead was a complete flop, not because I made it wrong, but because the recipe was, um questionable (note to self, basil probably doesn’t belong in mead).  But that’s another story. So I wanted to move into ciders in 2016, but there really aren’t a lot of fresh, locally-sourced apples available in January.  So, based on some posts by Jack Spirko at #TheSurvivalPodcast, I started looking at juices available at the grocery store.  Based on the results I can tell you this can be done quickly, easily, and inexpensively, and it can produce fantastic results.  You’re

Home Winemaking (Part I)

In this video and the next few videos that follow we’ll be documenting our first foray into vinification (winemaking). We’ll be using a winemaking kit for this first experiment, making an Australian Shiraz. Part one will include preparing the primary fermentation. In later episodes we’ll cover secondary fermentation, clearing, bottling, resting, and finally tasting. Please share your thoughts and comments. Thanks!   Drink the Harvest: Making and Preserving Juices, Wines, Meads, Teas, and Ciders 6 Gallon Glass Carboy Hydrometer (Triplescale) Fermtech Large (0.5-Inch) Auto Siphon 3 Piece Econo-Lock with Carboy Bung (Set of 2)