Making a Mountain Man Possibles Bag – Part 1

I recently picked up a muzzle loader to extend the deer season.  I originally thought it would be a purely practical purchase, but soon found myself getting into the whole mountain man thing.  Being a leather worker, I though what better way to get into the whole process than to make my own possibles bag.

While looking for design inspiration, I stumbled across the fact that you can buy tanned, salvaged coyote faces on e-Bay!  Really???  Well despite the oddness of that statement, it gave me an opportunity to include a a coyote face in my design without taking the time/effort to harvest, skin, and tan a coyote pelt.

Part one takes us through some initial design, cutting out the body of the bag, and putting together the strap anchors.

The bag came out great.  I’m really pleased with the results.  Hope you like it.

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