Kids Love It Outside, If You Can Get Them Out the Door

So, we were visiting my father this weekend.  After church on Sunday, we drug the kids outside for a walk around part of the property.

Abby swings into November,

Abby wasn’t very enthusiastic, as she wanted to stay inside watching a movie.  I have nothing against movies, or tablets, or game consoles.  But kids playing and exploring on a farm is a different kind of fun.  You can see Miss Abby eventually got in the “swing” of things.  We searched for arrowheads in some recently-turned earth, checked out some deer tracks, swung on some wild grape vines, and generally had a great time.  You can see Amanda got a turn too, and even Mrs. SSP got in on the act.

My point is this.  Get your kids outside once in awhile.  It’s a more wholesome experience.  They’ll enjoy it more.  Being active is better for their health.  And most of the time you can even enjoy the fun as well.

Amanda takes her turn.