Making Summer Sausage with SSP

Today we’re using a summer sausage kit, a grinder which attaches to my Kitchenaid mixer, and some venison and pork loin to make some tasty summer sausage at home. The results are outstanding. Now if we can just have a successful 2014 whitetail season, maybe we can make some more to give away as gifts.

Every Day Carry (EDC) Introduction

Today I’ll take you through the tools I carry on a daily basis to help me do the things I need to get done. Obviously my EDC can vary from day-to-day based on the job at hand, or the environment I’m going to find myself in. But generally speaking, this is what I have with me most of the time. This isn’t THE ULTIMATE EDC LIST. What’s right for me probably won’t be exactly right for you. This is what works for me. Ball Cap Safety Glasses (or Polarized Sunglasses) Watch (Bulova Marinestar) Smart Phone (Droid II) Keyring: Keys (duh) Carabiner Craftsman Multi-tool Glock 27 .40 S&W ( in a Concealment Solutions (, Black Mamba holster Extra Magazine 2 Lighters

Fixing a Water Collection Tank and the Self-Sufficient Mindset

Click the link to subscribe and to be notified when new videos are posted. The “big tank” in my water collection system has partially collapsed due to an insufficient base assembly.  I can’t bang it back out with a shovel handle or a 2×4.  What to do?  Throw it out and get a new one?  Not likely.  Where brute force fails, I use physics and a little rustic ingenuity to get the job done.  And I was only a little nervous about blowing myself up in the process. Not everyone is going to face this specific problem.  The point is taking a self-sufficient approach to solving your challenges.  Overcoming.  Adapting.  Finding a way to get it done. Trivia question:  Why

Tomato Pruning and Suckering (late blight)

Don’t forget to subscribe to Self Sufficient Path Topics: Suckering and pruning tomatoes to avoid late blight and stimulate growth Resources: – – (good page with images of tomato suckers)